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Upon learning about this website, I was thrilled to see so many truly dedicated educators trying to expose wrongdoing at their school district rather than doing what most teachers do - recoil in fear.

You are doing much more than saving your schools.

You are saving our democracy; what you describe in your schools - the disrespect of dedicated teachers - is precisely why our democracy is imploding.

I wrote a book about why this is so hidden. Amazon.com: White Chalk Crime: The REAL Reason Schools Fail: Untold story of crime that has destroyed our schools and how teacher abuse and teacher cleansing have kept this from you: 9781419694073: Horwitz, Karen: Books It describes targeted teacher abuse used to cover up what I call White Chalk Crime - white collar crime used to keep possession of our schools as treasure chests for administrators.

Sadly, letting it be has resulted in a very dysfunctional country. Those of us who were called to teach know that we’re doing sacred work and going along with those who exploit this work is more painful to us than losing our careers by speaking out. After all, education is the foundation of our democracy; many good people doing nothing shatters our foundation. So kudos to you for standing tall. Let our group, NAPTA, National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse, provide you with their over two decades of documentation and testimony proving how bad these assumed good guys have been and why there are so few educators like you who dare to speak out.

Our over two thousand members are proud of you as they, unlike millions of educators who know how corrupt our schools are, took the brave step to join our organization while most have allowed fear rather than dedication guide them. They know we’re telling the truth, just as so many actresses knew what Harvey Weinstein was doing but remained silent until Ronan Farrow gave them hope with his brilliant investigative work. We don’t have our Ronan Farrow yet, but sites like yours will bring us closer to an end to this immense scandal - the unscrupulous administrators takeover of our schools.

Letting it be has won. In fact, in 2010, Oprah Winfrey's researcher phoned me. He had my book. Maya Angelou was a friend of one of our members who brought my book to her home. Maya Angelou mailed a hand written note to my home, thanking me for my book. I assume she made sure Oprah saw it. Even Oprah let it be. That’s why what you’re doing is so important.

Here’s some proof that letting it be is destructive to our nation. Chicago is my home town. This week Paul Vallas succeeded to the mayoral runoff. Anyone who read my book about the corruption in our schools would have seen documentation of his toxic path through our schools, which included, while under his watch in Philadelphia, a student breaking a teacher’s neck to millions of missing funds and disappeared, valuable artwork. Yet Paul Vallas might be our next mayor and you don’t know me at all despite my dedicated work at trying to expose this since 1995. Also in my book is the trajectory of a New York superintendent that covered up a rape in one high school, then again in another amongst other bad deeds, and last I heard he’s the president of a university. Our country is a twisted mess due to the opportunity to hide wrongdoing in our democracy’s very foundation.

This is not the country I had in mind when I chose to teach. We need good people as leaders, not just in our schools. And what you are doing, Ozark teachers, is one big step in the right direction. Hopefully, more of your teachers will join you, particularly after checking out our site including NAPTA: ABUSE STAGES and reading teacher stories such as NAPTA: TEACHER STORY: Anonymous, USA that details the criminal charging of a dedicated teacher for trying to avert another Columbine: This once anonymous teacher, can also be heard on this podcast Explanation:HowWeGotTrumped by Karen Horwitz, name and all, describing how teacher abuse has destroyed our schools.

Your district will use abuse to try to destroy your efforts. Stand tall and document it. Stand with us. Stay united with parents who administrators manipulate into believing that teachers and curriculum are the problem when administrators are hijacking our schools from teachers, parents, and our democracy. We need to build a voice to get our country back. We need our Me Too movement - a movement that will be much more than about me or I or you, or even education reform. We must get our schools back or prepare to say farewell to this democracy.

Dedicated to the children I remain,

Karen Horwitz
President, NAPTA

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