Pattern of Abuse

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As you review the various personal narratives here, you will see a disturbing pattern in how the District targets those who speak out about problems they encounter in the District. It plays out, essentially, as follows:


  • Speaks up about something that is
    wrong in the District. This action commonly offends, challenges, resists, or simply complicates things for administrators.

(The trigger is EGO. You can do many things wrong without repercussion; you just can’t challenge them in any way.)

District administrators’ response:

  • Levy false accusations (each loosely based in a real incident but deliberately distorted)
  • Refuse to consider counter-evidence or alternative explanation; gaslights targeted teacher
  • Document fabricated allegations to prepare for adverse action; create Professional Improvement Plan (This is how they seek to avoid lawsuits for wrongful termination.)
  • Impose gag order, isolate employee from peers (violation of RSMO 105.055, Board Policy GBCBB)
  • Invite/pressure teacher to resign
  • Serve warning of termination (e.g., Notice of Deficiency)
  • Restrict, harass, intimidate, and even attempt to entrap teacher

If they can compel the teacher to resign, they are fairly insulated against legal challenges, including due process challenges.

School Board:

  • Turns a deaf ear to all pleas for redress
  • Affirms their complete confidence in District Administrators
  • Joins administration in harassing and lying about disfavored teacher

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