School Board Complicity

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Ozark School District Board of Education Policy BBA
outlines the school board’s duties as follows:


  • “The Board of Education is a representative body elected by the registered voters. . . . the Board is accountable to the electorate.”
  • “It is the purpose and the role of the Board of Education to exercise general supervision over the schools of the district. . . . The Board of Education shall control all aspects of the operations of the district within the limits of the law.”
  • “The Board is responsible for acting as a court of appeals for the professional and support staff members.”

In contrast with the duties stipulated in board policy,
the observed behavior of the school board has been as follows:

  1. The Board has continually and deliberately limited community visibility on and accountability for their actions. The Board has likewise refused audience to community members who sought to address them about the conduct of district administrators.
  2. The Board repeatedly claims that the superintendent is their only employee. They assert this as explanation for why they can’t address other problems in the district.
  3. The Board has subordinated itself to the superintendent. In both word and conduct, they have repeatedly expressed that their role is to facilitate his agenda, not set agenda for him.
  4. The Board has refused to reign in the superintendent, even when evidence has been presented of his overreach of authority. They have refused to entertain any evidence against him.
Ozark School District HQ bldg

5. The Board has not only tolerated but has actively facilitated the superintendent’s hostile and illegal agenda toward teachers.

6. The Board has refused to follow state law and its own policies.

7. The Board has deliberately misrepresented their own conduct to members of the public seeking accountability for district administrators and Board conduct.

8. The Board has refused to offer any audience, let alone redress, to those teachers targeted by District administrators. They falsely assert they are prohibited from hearing employee grievances and refuse to be instructed/corrected on this point.

9. The Board is now well aware of how maliciously and dishonestly the administration is dealing with teachers and chooses to honor long-term relationships and entrenched power over justice and integrity.

The Ozark School District has historically been among the top in the state. Finding that it is now in jeopardy, especially during their watch, is a terrifying prospect to the School Board. This makes it safer, in their minds, to deny the problem than to discover that it is real and requires their action. They surely also fear that if word got out that the problem is as severe as the targeted employees allege, the reputation of the school district would suffer.


For a representative case study of how the Ozark School District Board of Education has failed in its duty to supervise the superintendent, see the in-depth review of one instructor's harrowing experience at

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