The Scope of the Problem

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Following the February 24, 2022 Board meeting wherein superintendent Bauman rudely denies parents and students opportunity to testify to the board members on behalf of a targeted teacher, the Ozark Missouri School District Awareness (OMSDA) group invited recent and current employees of the Ozark School District to contact them if they had experienced a significant form of abuse of authority by District administrators. The immediate response was overwhelming. OMSDA received over 50 such reports, all occurring within the recent tenure of the current superintendent.

50! That's a lot, regardless of the size of the organization. That is far too many!

We have sorted through to remove duplicate reports (e.g., where the target and a colleague might have both reported his/her story).  We have then grouped them by category.  This is what we found:

  • 10 employees are presently experiencing retaliation for addressing or reporting basic concerns
  • 18 incidents were submitted for others because of the victim's extreme fear of retaliation
  • 4 have been forced to resign or retire early
  • 3 others left voluntarily to go to another district because of the negative environment of fear and retaliation perpetuated by the administration.
  • 7 say they "have no voice" -- there is no way to address concerns without fear of reprisal
  • 3 different students reported separately seeing the top administrator intimidating teachers or parents.
  • 4 district patrons (not employees) report observing or experiencing bullying by top administrators.
  • Several others wrote regarding mismanagement of funds.

These numbers reflect only those courageous enough to reach out.  How many more are there?

How can anyone be expected to work effectively in this kind of environment?

How can anyone hope to care, to inspire and positively motivate and nurture, children's growth and development?

Additional noteAlthough we have not sought to update these statistics since that initial inquiry, we have still become aware of several more teachers and staff who were inappropriately forced out of the District by a hostile administration since then.

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