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The February 24, 2022 Ozark School Board meeting where Superintendent Bauman usurps control of the board meetings to disclose the rules for patron participation in the board meeting and denies the opportunity to speak to gathered parents and students despite their having followed three months’ worth of proper board procedure for addressing the board concerning personnel. City and county elected leaders received multiple phone calls from community members over the next week who had watched the archived video of the meeting and were outraged at the presentation of the Superintendent and complicity of the board as District patrons were squelched at the meeting.

Interestingly, the following month, the board experimented with a new livestream video provider. Superintendent Bauman, during his next month’s proposal to the board for officially approving the switch of livestream providers for the meeting, specifically cited the reason was to prevent the archiving of the videos of the meetings for later viewing.

The April 14, 2022 Ozark School Board meeting where Superintendent Bauman presents a recommendation to change live-stream providers so as to prevent archiving the livestream video which enabled post-meeting viewing of the meetings. He explained to the board that it was to follow proper approval for the method of maintaining official minutes of the board meetings, that an archived video would supercede the written minutes, and the board had not followed the procedure to retain minutes in that form.

The Missouri State Attorney General’s office answered inquires about what form of minutes is legally allowed, noting that many school districts throughout the state retain written minutes as the official record of the meeting but also leave the videos of the meetings posted online for later access by patrons later, illustrating the dishonesty of Superintendent Bauman’s explanation.

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