Save Ozark Schools. 

We Need a Lawyer!

Make a change in the school district today!

Perhaps this is a shameless, self-interested appeal. Or perhaps it is the best way to hold a school district legally accountable for its shameful conduct.

Several of us who have been treated dishonestly by the school district are eager to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive to do so.

One attorney quoted $40,000 just to get started.
Another suggested final costs were likely to run around $65,000.

Attorneys regularly take on lawsuits on a contingency basis, charging no fees up front and instead taking their fee out of the reward.
Unfortunately, stand-alone attorneys can’t afford the risk of taking on cases on a contingency basis (lest they lose and receive no compensation for all their work), at least not while they have enough paying clients available instead.
And large firms that can afford the risk aren’t interested in the smaller payouts such a case is likely to bring.

 If you happen to know of an attorney that could help us, PLEASE let us know.
You can reach us via

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