Wider Problems

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In a district that operates with this kind of arrogance, disdain, etc., it is certain that countless other issues are being mishandled as well. We are aware of numerous other issues which warrant public consideration but which, in our singular focus on abuse of authority, we have not explored. These include:

  • Construction and maintenance of school facilities – that is, the continual pursuit of the next “shiny object” or legacy project rather than much-needed repairs to existing infrastructure
  • Financial mismanagement (including moving funds around to evade financial regulations which prohibit exactly what they are trying to do)
  • Long-range planning – preoccupation with current construction to an extent that precludes our ever having the funds needed for the new high school that will inevitably be needed 
  • Nepotism in hiring and promotion
  • Safety – shop equipment
  • Mold and air quality – their oft-repeated insistence that the air quality is fine and has been confirmed with repeated tests belies the truth that independent reviewers have condemned their dishonest testing methodology
  • School board’s utter subservience to administrators whom they should be directing, not facilitating

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